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Maxi-Cut 135 Drills

Our popular jobber drill set features:

  • Premium high speed steel for superior strength and durability
  • NOMO surface treatment ( nitride on margin only) maximizes the number of holes per drill
  • 135 split point prevents drill from "walking"
  • 1/16" - 1.2" x 64ths.
  • Sturdy metal drill index


-----S   P   E   C   I   A   L-----


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Promotional Price $99.95

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29 piece set in a metal case.
iPS Part # 444-1029

Special on Aerosol Products

A-21 Aqua Lube

Penetrant - Lubricant
Demoisturant - Protectant

PENETRATES through rust and scale to loosen parts which have been
frozen by corrosion.

LUBRICATES parts to ensure free and easy movement.

DEMOISTURIZES and creates a waterproof film that dries out electrical equipment, inhibits corrosion and prevents electrical discharge.

PROTECTS and creates a non-drying film that seals parts against atmospheric and mild chemical corrosion.

  • Non-Chlorinated
  • Non-Flammable Spray
  • Penetrates - Cleans
  • Frees Frozen Fittings
  • Never Dries
  • Displaces Water


 $103.08/Cs of 12




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